Depth of Field

This blog is about me taking better pictures. This week I’m working on emphasizing what is important in the photos. There are lots of ways to to do this, but I’m going to work on using depth of field. My challenge is to take two photographs of the same subject using the aperture settings on my camera to highlight different points of interest. My husband and parrot have kindly consented to help me out.

In this first picture both my husband and BirdieBert are in focus because I have a relatively large depth of field. It was shot with a 50 mm lens at a 1/5 second shutterspeed and aperture of f/22.

man holding bird on finger

In the second photo only BirdieBert is in focus which is the way she thinks it should be. It was shot with the same 50 mm lens at 1/60 second and an aperture of f/1.8.
man holding

Using my aperture setting to control depth of field will help me take better pictures by directing viewers attention to the subject of the photo. Larger apertures (like f/2 and f/2.8) can help me get shallower depths of field. The distance between me and my subject also affects my depth of field. The focal length of the lens matters, too.

If I need to review the 3 factors that control depth of field I can look at that topic in Cambridge in Color.

The technique for using blurry backgrounds is called bokeh and if I want to look at beautiful photos using this technique, I can go to this article, Luminous Landscape.

For my next blog, I challenge myself to capture motion three different ways.

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